When is the best time to service my trailer?
That’s a great question!  The answer is, anytime other than peak use.  For instance, if you use a boat trailer we recommend servicing your trailer at the end of boating season so it will be ready to go the next Spring.  We make sure the bearings are properly serviced, tires and lighting are checked and any needed repairs are completed.

I am thinking of buying a used trailer and want to know if it has any repair concerns.  Will you inspect it?
Yes!  We welcome the opportunity to look at the trailer, answer any questions, estimate repairs and tell you the current value.

My tack area in my horse trailer is a mess.  Can you recommend a company to help me organize it?
Yes!  We love helping our clients secure and organize all the various tack items they carry with them on the trails and to competitions.  Call to discuss.

Can I leave my boat on my trailer during a general service?        YES!  We are able to lift your trailer and boat together to allow the boat to remain on your trailer during a general service.  We also keep trailers with boats inside during their stay at JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair.