JD’s Auto & Truck Repair specializes in solving your towing and/or trailer challenges. We do trailer body repair, custom fabrication, complete frame rebuild, trailer tie down mechanisms, tack room organization and so much more. Call us to discuss your custom needs today.


Before Repair

After Repair

Damaged Trailer.

A repaired trailer body.

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Whether your trailer was in an accident on the road or in the field, JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair is happy to inspect, estimate and repair your trailer body damage. We work with insurance companies to provide repair estimates as well. Written estimates are done after a thorough inspection and cost $200.

Would you like to store your trailer inside, but it’s just a little too long?  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair can custom build a fold-away or removable tongue on your trailer to allow indoor storage.

Trailer frames are subject to all the worst conditions of the road; potholes, water, ice, grit, salt, etc. When your frame begins to show its age or becomes damaged,  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair is here to help.  We test and rebuild frames to ensure your trailer’s structural integrity.

Need more storage inside your live stock trailer?  Store and haul your hay in a hayrack on the roof.  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair can build an aluminum rooftop hay rack to custom fit your trailer including ladder for access. 

We custom build hitches for vehicles when the hitch manufactures do not offer a ready made version. We build hitches for motor homes, RVs, vehicles, pick up trucks and dump trucks. Call us to discuss your needs.


trailer custom interior

Are you tired of equipment falling in and out of your trailer or tack room?  Let the organizational skills and space saving storage units at JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair give all your equipment a proper transport area. We can help you design the area and then you can install them yourself or have our experts take care of installation for you. 


When the existing tongue jack on your trailer interferes with a function of your trailer, JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair can build a custom jack mount to alleviate the problem.

Many times a ladder makes your job easier.  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair builds and installs ladder racks on trailers to provide a ladder transport system without the hassle of having ladders on the trailer floor.

JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair builds custom ramps on trailers that weren’t equipped with a ramp from the factory. We also rebuild ramps that have become compromised from use, damage and/or age.


A spare tire is the number one piece of replacement equipment to carry on your trailer.  If your trailer is not equipped with a factory spare tire mount, JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair will build a custom mount to fit your trailer.  Don’t miss your adventure or important job because you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire! 

Towing behind a variety of vehicles can pose the problem of turn clearance between vehicle and trailer.  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair builds tongue extensions to allow trailers to be maneuvered within close parking areas without risking damage to your truck or trailer.


When you need to increase the ground clearance of your trailer, come see us at JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair.  We modify suspension, change axle configurations, reposition fenders and more to accommodate your needs.

If you tow a variety of equipment and/or toys, you know how difficult it is to load an inoperative machine.  JD’s Auto and Trailer Repair builds custom winch mounts and compartments to make your job easier.